BAMO IER was founded in 1968 as Industrieelektrik Regelgeräte Henkel+Nickisch KG.


In 2006, the company was taken over by BAMO Mesures SAS and reorganised as BAMO IER GmbH.

Originally, business was focused primarily on the production of float actuated switches and colour monitoring for the automotive industry. A second product range including devices for turbidity measurement in liquids was added in 1980. Today’s products include devices for the measurement of liquids with regard to fill-level, turbidity, conductivity, flow rate, temperature and pressure. These products are sold to the water and wastewater treatment and industrial sectors, including aquaculture with main markets in Germany, France and Spain.
An intensive dialogue with our customers is the basis for the application-specific functionality and the unmistakable design of all of our products. High levels of vocational education, continuous on-going instruction, extremely minimal employee turnover and documented initial training of our employees assure uninterrupted product quality, all within the scope of ISO 9001.

Adherence to the specified test directives assures error-free production of all assemblies and device components during production and after final assembly. All products are subjected to strict, single-unit inspection. Additional testing prior to shipment provides their customers with the certainty of always using a top quality product.

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