Faaltech Technologies Ltd.

Faaltech’s main commercial aims are in the area of real time sensor and sensor platform development plus associated information communication technology software/applications.


The company is presently in an advance stage of developing and commercializing niche water monitoring sensors and platforms to allow real-time water analysis by private industry and regulatory bodies to better control and improve water quality for their own specific needs. Faaltech’s markets for its niche sensors and platforms are:Municipal Water Supply & Sanitation, Environmental Regulators, Food & Beverage Processing, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture & Horticulture, Aquaculture, Aquariums, Paper and Mining. The companies core target markets for its portfolio of sensors are RAS aquaculture, freshwater and marine aquaculture and aquarium sectors. Faaltech has built up substantial sector relationships in Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Germany, China and Australia.

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