Teknologisk Institutt as

TI is an RTD organization working in the areas of applied research, testing, consultancy, manufacturing and productivity development and training for SMEs and large enterprises.


TI is not an IPR holding or exploiting business, and is a not-for-profit self-owned private foundation. It has technological expertise in the areas of electronics and automation and their facilities include a well-equipped electronics lab and personnel experienced with control and communication electronics, and machine vision development.

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TI also has high level of skills in material technology, mechanical design & construction, water technology.  Additionally, TI has expertise in product development, CAD/CAM, process technology, pressure equipment, tests, design & verification (Approved Notified Body) and process optimization. TI has well equipped laboratories and test facilities to perform all industrial development work needed. TI has many years of experience in the field of systems engineering which will be beneficial for the system integration tasks of the project.

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