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Final Management Board Meeting

The Final AquaMMS Management Board meeting was hosted by University of Liverpool and took place at the UoL campus Liverpool, UK, 20 October 2015. Meeting activities included the presentations of project achievements in addition to management and administrative issues related to the final project reporting. The prototype AquaMMS was demonstrated to the industrial partners and the potential of the instrument discussed. This meeting functioned as the closure of the project.

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Project 18M Management Board Meeting

The AquaMMS 18 month Management Board meeting was hosted by Anglesey Aquaculture and took place at the Bulkeley Hotel in Beaumaris, North Wales, UK, 10-11 March 2015. In addition to updates on the development work, discussion on progress, management and administrative issues a tour of the Anglesey Aquaculture land based facilities for production of sea bass was provided. Issues about recirculation systems and monitoring of water quality was discussed in relation to the development of the AquaMMS system. The integrated MMS and data harvesting & GUI system was demonstrated to the consortium.

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Project 12M Management Board Meeting

The AquaMMS 12 month Management Board meeting was hosted by BAMO IER and took place at the BAMO head office in Argenteuil, France, 7-8 October 2014. A guided tour of the different departments and workshops of BAMO was provided during the meeting. The meeting covered updates of the development work as well as management and administrative issues. Discussions how to best proceed with the development work, and promoting the project were undertaken.

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AquaMMS at the Liverpool University Pop up shop #livunipopup, June-July 2014


The AquaMMS poster you can find here.



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AquaMMS Liverpool team meet UK Chancellor of the Exchequer

The UK Government invest in research, development and innovation and support sensor technology.

During the International Festival of Business 2014 Chancellor George Osborne visited the University of Liverpool to announce £5m of Government funding for the establishment of Sensor City, which is the first UK University Enterprise Zone. The Chancellor also visited AquaMMS for a demonstration provided by the AquaMMS team members Dr. Simon Maher and Prof. Steve Taylor. The AquaMMS partner Q-Technology has contributed in the proposal process and intend belonging to Sensor City in the future.

See article in Liverpool ECHO, 4 July 2014

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Project 6M management Board Meeting

The AquaMMS 6 month Management Board meeting was hosted by CIT and Faaltech and held at their location in Cork, Ireland the 11-12 March 2014. The first meeting day covered management and administrative issues, updating of  the work carried out, future plans and discussions how to best proceed with the development work and promoting the project. The second day was dedicated to technical discussions and the consortium visited Tower Aqua Products Ltd based in West Cork learning about abalone production in a RAS system.


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Kick-off meeting

The beneficiaries of AquaMMS met in Liverpool , UK the 23rd-24th of October 2013 in order to attend the project's kick-off meeting. Technical and management aspects of the project were discussed, as well as administrative and financial issues regarding the 7th Framework Programme.













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