Project Results

Demonstration of AquaMMS at fish farms

By the end of the AquaMMS project the prototype had been successfully demonstrated at two fish farms. Testing was done in harsh coastal environment at Anglesey Aquaculture producing seabass in seawater and in the gentler inland environment at Telemarkrøye producing arctic char in freshwater. 

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20th International Pectinid Workshop-Poster

The 20th International Penctinid Workshop was held on 22nd to 28th April 2015 in Galway City, Ireland. More than 100 people including industry representatives, researchers and students from around 20 different countries participated in this event. For the first time the workshop has been co-hosted between two countries – Ireland and Norway. The scientific programme was varied with the mix of thematic as Ecology and General biology, Aquaculture, Fisheries, Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Resource Management. The consortium of AquaMMS project represented by Dr Gyda Christophersen presented the project concept and results in the poster.

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Abstracts of work submitted for presentation at the 20th International Pectinid Workshop are published online on

poster bilde

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Making Sense of Water Quality - Press Release

The document is available in English and in German.

English version  here.

German verison here.

Norwegian version here.

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